Scan 6 (by joe_whitmore)


Scan 6 (by joe_whitmore)

We all spend a lot of time inventing people rather than noticing them, reshaping real people into characters in stories we tell ourselves about ourselves, stories about how beautiful and rare we are.
Richard Rorty  (via renegadetongue)



“Bug vs. Door” - Doc Luben

“I have envied you, how you are remembered for towering, unclaimed potential instead of living to look regret in the face.”

Doc Luben is currently a member of the Portland Poetry Slam scene, originally hailing from Tuscon. He is a stunning performer and writer, and also a damn good guy. This poem just gets better and better as it goes on.

my love, my love, my love


I think I fell a little in love with you,
the first time I heard your voice.
You were talking about maps.

Why is it the ones who most deserve
are always those who’ve
known nothing but goodbye?

I wish I could write you my best poem.

You’re the kind of girl I want all my characters to…

i don’t know the person who wrote this, but it’s all so true. 
damn, i love alea. 

cheesyyyy, but adorable. i can’t help it, i’m a girl.